Rights Respecting School Award

What is the Right Respecting School Award?

The Unicef Rights respecting school award supports schools across the UK to embed children's human rights in their ethos and culture. The award recognises achievement in putting the UN convention on the right of the child (UNCRC) at the heart of a school's practice to improve well-being and to help all children and young people realise their potential. 54 articles were designed to support the development of all children under the age of 18.

The award is taken from the principle of equality. dignity, respect, non-discrimination and participation. The initiative started in 2006 and schools involved in the award have reported a positive impact on relationships and well-being, leading to better learning and behaviour, improved academic standards and less bullying.

We have achieved our Level 1 status as the values of RRSA underpin our behaviour policy and school ethos.

Class Charter: Be Ready, Be Safe, Be Respectful

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